The Institute

University College of Construction Technology (herein forth referred to as UCCT) is an institute established by a Memorandum of Understanding signed between Ministry of Youth Affairs & Skills Development of Sri Lanka (MYASD) and Advanced Construction Training Academy (ACTA) (Incorporated under the section 21 of 14 Companies Act No. 17 of 1982, of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka).

The Board of Management will be appointed as per the Memorandum of Understanding and the Chairman of the Board of Management will be the Chairman of UCCT as per the same MOU.

The Board of Management has predetermined the purpose of the UCCT to set the scope of training that should be provided by the UCCT thus,

(1) Carryout training programs related to Construction Industry and develop appropriate curricula.

(2) To provide accredited and recognized qualifications

(3) To conduct both technical and managerial research relevant to the Construction Industry.

To achieve the above, the UCCT shall affiliate with local and international organizations to offer sound training and well recognized credentials to the students passing out from the UCCT.

To endeavor develop the UCCT to a level of  international recognition, the Board of Management has decided to convert its Quality Management System in line with the international stand ISO 9001:2008, in 2014.

To become a sustainable organization in the medium term, and to gain local and international recognition as a unique brand name in the field of training & development
We strive to infuse the value of continuous learning in the minds of all our students and to equip them with the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed by them to become productive professionals in the construction industry.

  Definition of UCCT Services

UCCT provides Education and Training for the personnel who serve the Construction Industry and also those who wish to pursue a career in the Middle Level and upwards in this sector.When designing and delivering these services UCCT obtains Industry Requirements and other Requirements from those related Standards.

In providing education and training services, UCCT will collaborate with local and international professional/educational bodies mainly focusing on the middle management and higher level training.


To bring fame and recognition to the UCCT through competent and disciplined professionals for the construction industry

To upgrade the quality of professionals in construction industry through Training & Development

To consider our employees as the most valued asset of the organization and endeavor upgrading their skills and competencies

To encourage our suppliers to practice ‘Just in Time’ for mutual development of both parties

To consider social responsibility as a duty rather than a social service

To be a good citizen being a honest follower of laws of the county

To encourage and help our students to find suitable careers in the Construction Industry

  Quality Policy of UCCT

We strive to enhance occupational competencies of personnel in the construction industry sector and new entrants to this sector by providing high standards of training and education leading to recognized vocational and professional qualifications.We continually evaluate, improve and update our curricula and teaching/training methods.

We strictly comply with the professional educational standards, and national & international accreditation requirements.

We are committed to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

  Long-Term Goals of the UCCT

Continuous improvement of curricular to accommodate current technological changes in the Construction Industry

To be financially self-sufficient and build a Development Fund

To setup a full -fledged Language laboratory for construction industry

To cater to the needs of Asia-Pacific region on training and development

To bring University status to the UCCT with national and international affiliation